Dear Fans:

Between the years of 2001 and 2005 Double Image recorded 3 albums. They consisted of various cover tunes from our past and songs we were performing at the time. They are NOT originals! We’re not that smart (at least one of us isn't). The CDs were recorded at Evolution Studios in downtown Utica. After we finished, we believe the studio was condemned and shut down. Hmmm?

We recorded mostly to feed our inflated egos. It's funny but after blowing a few thousand dollars we were cured of those feelings. Sales of our CDs soared and went "Aluminum"! (sales of 25 or less) By 2010 after paying fans to listen to our CDs, we ran out of them.

Due to financial constraints, we made these recordings as quickly as possible. Usually, we'd nail down a finished product in one take. We used the same backgrounds that we perform live to. You'll hear our voices on the albums. Our guitars are mixed in here and there. If we screwed up bad enough, we'd just delete those parts in the final mix. When we play live, you hear our instruments in all their glory!

Our first CD was self-titled "Double Image". We had a patriotic theme running through our song choice because of the way we were feeling in the fall of 2001. Our second CD was called "Dear, To Our Hearts". The "Dear" was a dedication to our wives, Wanda and Pam. The songs were close to our hearts at the time. Our final attempt at fame and immortality was titled "Third Times a Charm". We knew we were going to hit it big after the release of that one! Scott and I went out for a hot dog once with the royalties earned.

Considering all our past success and by popular demand (cough, cough) we're now letting you download our recordings FREE of charge! I think we did this more because we want our grandchildren to listen to us someday. Anyway, sit back and listen to some good recordings, lots of mistakes and a little bit of stupidity courtesy of Double Image.

Musically yours,


Album: Double Image

MP3 Only In America
MP3 The Dance
MP3 Carribean Queen
MP3 Play Me
MP3 That's My Story
MP3 Amazed
MP3 Sold
MP3 Peaceful Easy Feeling
MP3 Lost In The 50s
MP3 My Girl
MP3 Mustang Sally
MP3 Celebration
MP3 God Bless The USA

Album: Dear To Our Hearts

MP3 Brown Eyed Girl
MP3 Real Good Man
MP3 What Might Have Been
MP3 Help Pour Out The Rain
MP3 Somebody Like You
MP3 In This Life
MP3 Where The Stars & Stripes
MP3 What About Now
MP3 You've Got To Hide
MP3 Who's Your Daddy
MP3 What Was I Thinking
MP3 5 O'Clock Somewhere
MP3 I Melt
MP3 Jive Talk
MP3 If I Fell

Album: Third Time's A Charm

MP3 Whiskey Girl
MP3 One Hot Mama
MP3 Live Like You Were Dying
MP3 Sweet Home Alabama
MP3 Aimie
MP3 I'm Already There
MP3 Some Beach
MP3 How Am I Doin'
MP3 Stays In Mexico
MP3 I Love This Bar
MP3 Wave On Wave
MP3 Remember When
MP3 What's Your Name
MP3 American Soldier
MP3 Asleep At The Wheel
MP3 At The Hop
MP3 Are We Done Yet
MP3 Goodnight Sweetdog
MP3 See Ya

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